A STORY OF Ashley Twomey

Ashley Twomey, a model and actress and proud boy mom, is our new Ekouaer Ambassador. Excelling in balancing her professional and personal life, she's an inspiration to many. She'll be sharing her comfort tips and how EKOUAER fits into her dynamic lifestyle.

1. Do you have a habit of wearing clothes when you sleep?

Yes, lately I have been wearing my super comfy satin long sleeve pjs to stay warm this winter.

2. What is the most common clothing you wear when you are at home?

I absolutely am a huge fan of being comfortable, at home I usually wear stretchy work out attire, a matching sweat suit set, or loungewear/pjs.

3. Why do you usually choose to wear loungewear?

With my busy schedule involving travel,work,and family,comfort is key in what I wear.

4. What is the most important factor you consider when you buy loungewear? Why? 

If it’s loose and stretchy, because of how much I move around daily the most important factor is the material being able to stay loose and flexible.

5. What do you think of EKOUAER? when you buy loungewear? Why? 

I LOVE THIS BRAND! I wear their loungewear and pjs daily and pack it too when I travel.

6. Why do you choose EKOUAER?

EK is affordable, comfortable, soft, and fits my body perfectly.

7. What does a good set of loungewear mean to you?

It’s everything to me, I live in loungewear when I am not working. I enjoy reading at home, working out from home, or kicking back watching movies at home to relax. I’m a mommy now too so clothing I can throw on quickly that’s comfortable yet stylish is perfect for me around the house when I am playing with my son, cooking, cleaning, running errands, or traveling for work.

8. Please share your experience with EKOUAER.

I have had a great experience, you know it’s great when you actually wear it on the daily, it’s the reason I keep coming back and enjoy representing the company and wearing it! I even loved their maternity wear when I was pregnant. All their items are of top-notch quality - soft, comfortable, and breathable!

9. Please share any other tips for comfortable living. 

I enjoy loose but stretchy material when at home, it’s great for whatever you’ll be doing at home and will provide comfort.


Here are some of her favorite Ekouaer styles.


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